Song cycle, "The Confession Stone," lets us glimpse the mind of Mary

Soprano Elizabeth Brown and accompanist Wesley Warren performing The Confession Stone

Elizabeth Brown explains the origins of Robert Fleming's The Confession Stone, with accompanist Wesley Warren.

Robert Fleming's song cycle, "The Confession Stone, (The Songs of Mary)" was performed by parish choir member Elizabeth Brown (contralto) accompanied by organist and choir director Wesley Warren, on March 21. For those of you who may have missed it, here is a recording of that performance:     Robert Fleming (1921-1976) is chiefly known as the composer of over 200 film scores during a 25-year career as staff composer and music director for the National Film Board. He also taught 20th century music at Carleton University and was the organist and choirmaster at several Ottawa churches, include Glebe United and St. Matthias' Anglican (Westboro). The premiere performance of "The Confession Stone" was given by Maureen Forrester in 1967.