Cathedrals, Shrines and Royal Peculiars – Pilgrimage 2020 

Photo of the interior of St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

by Rev’d Canon W. David Raths, Associate Priest

You are invited to be part of a small group of twenty-four people on a pilgrimage to some of the significant spiritual places of England. Pilgrimage has always been an important part of Christian faith. The desire of Christians to grow in their relationship with God is like a journey and going on a pilgrimage is a way to strengthen that journey. For over a thousand years people have been making such spiritual journeys. Our times are no less troubled and troubling than in previous centuries and a pilgrimage is as relevant now as ever. 

We will begin at Canterbury Cathedral, where prayer to God has been offered daily for over 1,400 years, and where we find the Shrine of Thomas Becket, murdered there 850 years ago. After other shrines, cathedrals and chapels, including the Chapel of St George, Windsor Castle, our journey will end at Westminster Abbey, the Coronation church since 1066. The Abbey and the Chapel of St George are ‘Royal Peculiars’, religious establishments directly responsible to the sovereign.

In every place on our journey we will have time to visit, time for prayer, and to attend Choral Evensong or a Sung Eucharist. The only exception will be our visit to the Queen’s country retreat at Sandringham, which is only a few miles away from the Anglican Shrine in Walsingham where we are staying for three nights.

More details are provided on the full brochure which is enclosed along with the booking form. Please note that if you are interested in joining us on this Pilgrimage a deposit is requested by February 1st, a deadline made necessary by the need to confirm accommodations.

 To discuss travel arrangements or for further information, please contact me at 613-804-3200 or